Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini

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Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Story (Download)

Akhanda is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Boyapati Srinu. Produced by Dwarka Creations, the film stars Nandamuri Balakrishna in a double role alongside Pragya Jaiswal, Jagapathi Babu and Srikanth. Soundtrack album and film score by S. Composed by Thaman.

Released on 2 December 2021, the film received mixed reviews from critics, praising Balakrishna’s performance as Aghora but criticized for the story. However, the film was successful in earning over ₹150 crore commercially at the box office and became the second highest grossing Telugu film of the year. It is also the highest grossing film of Balakrishna’s career.

Gajendra, a wanted dacoit, is on the hunt for the police who fail to nab him despite their valiant efforts. During a fight between Gajendra’s men and the police, Gajendra is wounded by his own ammunition and thrown overboard. He manages to find shelter in a temple under the guidance of a guru. Gajendra kills the Guru and becomes the priest of the temple. Gajendra, now the leader of a powerful gang, manages large-scale organized crime and illegal mining in the state.

Meanwhile, two male twins are born in the home of a wealthy influential family. Of the two children, one is born alive and the other is considered dead. Suddenly an Aghora appears when the mother is sleeping and tells the father that the dead child has a turbulent destiny that destroys all evil, which coincides with that of Lord Shiva. So the father then hands over the dead child to the Aghora. While meditating, the aghora drops the child in the bag of another aghora and leaves quickly. Now the child, who is placed in the temple of Lord Shiva, comes to life after a drop of holy water from the vibrating gopuram falls on the child’s forehead, and then the child is raised under the protection of the Aghors and eventually grows up. Is. Under the aegis of Lord Shiva. The second child grows up as Murali Krishna.

Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini
Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini

Murali Krishna is now a respected leader of Anantapur district, revered by all his people as he fights for them if injustice casts a shadow on him. Saranya is a newly appointed district collector and falls in love with Murali Krishna after learning of his dedication and commitment to the society. They marry and give birth to a daughter who eventually falls ill. It turns out that almost all the children in the district are suffering from the same unknown disease. After a thorough investigation by Saranya’s associate, Padmavati, it is revealed that the disease is due to the rich reserves of uranium being illegally mined instead of copper by Varadarajulu and his men who are Gajendra’s associates.

It is also revealed that Varadarajulu is a ruthless animal who tortures the mine-workers and their families and has links with corrupt local DSPs and other corrupt government officials. Upon learning of this, Murali Krishna confronts Varadarajulu and his men and vows to annihilate them and save the city. As Varadarajulu approaches Gajendra, he devises a plan and sets up a bomb inside the hospital owned by Murali. Several people, including Bharat Reddy, were killed in the blast at Murali Krishna’s hospital.

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He was then arrested by the NIA for the murder of the minister. Meanwhile, Varadarajulu’s goons chase Saranya and her daughter to kill them and annihilate their family. Saranya escapes with her ailing daughter to an ancient cave, which has an old temple of Lord Shiva and comes upon Akhand, a still-born who was separated from Murli Krishna. She is now an aghora, having supernatural powers derived from Lord Shiva. Akhand, being a form of Rudra, annihilates the goons and protects Saranya and her daughter.

Hearing this, both Gajendra and Varadarajulu are shocked and they ask the DSP and his men to catch Saranya and her daughter along with the rest of the family, but to their surprise Akhand shows up to all the officers except the DSP. and kills. Akhand interrupts Gajendra’s ritual by hitting the DSP in front of him and then warns him. Gajendra then turns to Prachanda, an evil Kapalik tantrik, to kill Akhand. At the same time, Akhand finds Padmavati at the bottom of a river and brings her back to life and finds out through his yogic powers that Varadarajulu and Gajendra had come to know that she wanted to expose their illegal activities and they Tried to kill him and finally threw him in the river.

After seeing all this from his mystic vision, Akhand goes to the mines and kills VaradaraJulu’s men by destroying his 7 chakras. When the NIA officer questions him, he says that whoever disturbs the balance of nature should put an end to a cruel criminal like him and run away. Meanwhile, the NIA also learns that Murali is innocent and they release him from custody.

Gajendra and Prachanda set a trap and cast a cursed death spell on Saranya’s daughter, knowing that Akhand would surely go to Kashi and perform Mrityunjaya Puja to free the child and bring him back, from which they worshiped. Time can kill the unbroken. Akhand begins the ritual and Gajendra and his men interrupt him by throwing weapons at his back. Akhand tolerates pain and successfully completes the ritual. Saranya’s daughter is brought back to life. Now that the ritual is over, Lord Shiva enters Akhand and thus appears with mighty powers from Akhand Shiva and wreaks havoc on Gajendra and his men.

Murali Krishna arrives and joins Akhand at the end of their fight. Akhand destroys Gajendra by throwing him on the horns of a bull, kills his men and beheads Prachanda. Murali unites with his family and asks Saranya’s daughter Akhanda to stay with her family but he says that he cannot do that but he blesses the child and promises and saying that Leaves that he cannot relate to the family, but will return whenever the child is in pain, death or destruction. (Source – Wikipedia)

Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Official Trailer

Akhanda Tamil Dubbed Movie Cast

  • Nandamuri Balakrishna in dual role as Akhanda Rudra Sikandar Aghora and Murali Krishna
  • Pragya Jaiswal as Saranya Bachupally IAS
  • Jagapathi Babu as Aghora Baba
  • Srikanth as Varadarajulu, the owner of copper mining
  • Nithin Mehta as Gajendra Sahu
  • Poorna as Padmavathi IAS, Principal Secretary
  • Sharath Lohitashwa as Krishnamacharya Perumal, An NIA Officer
  • Avinash as Ramachandariah, Akhanda and Murali’s father
  • Subbaraju as Central minister A. Bharath Reddy
  • Sravan as Varadarajulu’s younger brother
  • Prabhakar as DSP Ranjan
  • Viji Chandrasekhar as Akhanda and Murali’s mother
  • Ayyappa P Sharma as Prachanda, An Tantrik
  • Naga Mahesh as Rajappa
  • Baby Deshna Javaji[9] as Saranya and Murali Krishna’s Daughter
  • Suresh Chandra Menon as Jagajith Chauhan, a businessman

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