Andhra Pradesh GK Questions And Answers In English 2023

Welcome to my site, here we will give you a complete gk about Andhra Pradesh GK question and answer in 2023. Andhra Pradesh is a state in southern India. The capital is Amaravati and the largest city is Visakhapatnam. The official language is Telugu. The country was founded in 1956 and covers an area of ​​about 162,975 square kilometers.

Andhra Pradesh GK Questions And Answers
Andhra Pradesh GK Questions And Answers

Andhra Pradesh’s economy is primarily based on agriculture with rice, maize and sugarcane as the main crops. The state also has a strong presence in the pharmaceutical, automotive and IT industries.

Are you from Andhra Pradesh? If yes then you must know Andhra Pradesh GK Questions and Answers.

Andhra Pradesh GK Questions And Answers

1. What is the capital of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Amaravati

2. What is the official language of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Telugu

3. What is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Visakhapatnam

4. What is the highest peak in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Seshachalam Hills

5. Who is the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (2023)?

Ans: YS Jaganmohan Reddy

6. What is the area of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: 162,975 square kilometers

7. What are some major industries in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Agriculture, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, and IT/ITeS

8. What is the literacy rate of Andhra Pradesh (2023)?

Ans: 67.02 %

9. What is the GDP of Andhra Pradesh (2023)?

Ans: ₹2.40 lakh crores

10. What is the population of Andhra Pradesh (2023)?

Ans: 9.46 crores

11. What is the state animal of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Blackbuck

12. What is the state bird of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Rose-ringed parakeet

13. What is the state flower of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Jasmine

14. What is the state tree of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Neem

15. What are some famous tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Araku Valley, Konaseema, Visakhapatnam Beach, and the Buddhist sites of Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda.

16. What are some famous festivals celebrated in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Ugadi, Sankranti, Vinayaka Chavithi, Sri Rama Navami, and Dasara.

17. Who is the famous personality from Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, N. T. Rama Rao, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Potti Sriramulu.

18. What is the state sport of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Kabaddi

19. What is the state song of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Maa Telugu Talliki Mallepoodanda

20. What is the state river of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Godavari

21. What is the state film industry of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Telugu Cinema

22. How many districts does Andhra Pradesh have?

Ans: 26

23. What is the state dance of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Kuchipudi

24. What is the state symbol of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Dolphin

25. What is the state fruit of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Mango

26. What is the state fish of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Murrel

27. What is the state transport of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC)

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