Arbitrum Odyssey To Offer More Reward System for Users

Arbitron Odyssey To Offer More Reward System for Users: Defi enthusiasts will be allowed to claim exclusively Fungal Tokens (NFTs) Odyssey is approaching a community-based activism initiative. According to reports, Arbitram Odyssey will go live on June 21, 2022.

Based on the Arbitram report, different Ethereum-based solutions used to reduce the value of Arbitram will be on display. It will come into its first phase titled “Bridge Week”. While Arbitram received all the updates and features it needed to get started, the developers praised the community for their patience.

“We know you’re interested in engaging the Arbinots with us in the unknown, and we’re so excited to take you aboard!” They mentioned.

Bridge solutions bring practical benefits

The project’s space engineers also provided updates on the upcoming launch and what the community can expect.

Some sophisticated Ethereum-based solutions including Delbridge, Cashflow, Hop Protocol, and Cellar have joined Arbitram as technical partners.

Defi enthusiasts will greatly benefit from the new solution, especially those using Bridge. The developers noted that those who use the bridge with more wallets in Arbitram will be eligible. NFT AirDrop.

Defi enthusiasts can use bridge solutions; Those who finish using the bridge with more wallets in Arbitram will qualify for the NFT AirDrop. Users who connect ETH to Arbitram via Cross-Bridge within a week will also qualify for the NFT over the weekend.

Arbitron accounts for 50% of all L2s’ TVs.

In addition, the protocol is the second most important solution for ETH dApps. According to statistics shared by the L2Beat program, the protocol still controls 50.68% of TVL of all major operating systems.

Arbitron Odyssey is an environmental experience reward system developed by Arbitrum, Ethereum’s expansion plan. This allows users to easily interact with the environmental protocol set by the reward system. The program offers users continuous rewards when they complete tasks on the platform.

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