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CBI 5 The Brain Movie Story (Download)

The film begins as Aparna, a young IPS trainee, leaves her home for a government-sponsored seminar for IPS trainers. It has been revealed that the seminar is being conducted by the CBI. Two officials (Balagopal and Vinay) are hosting the event until they start talking about the many cases the CBI has handled so far. Then they talk about a specific case, which eventually involved Chethurama Iyer, an SP working at the CBI headquarters in Delhi.

The case comes in 2012 when Kerala Home Minister Abdul Samad died on his way to Kerala from Delhi. Many believe his death was a natural occurrence, but some consider it a mystery. Even the Kerala Chief Minister who went to Delhi with Samad is suspected in his death. The mysterious death of Samat’s personal doctor adds to the suspicion. Police believe the doctor’s death was a homicide. Protests are underway demanding a government order to hold an inquiry into Abdul Samad’s death. Basuran, a journalist, led the protests, and was hanged the next day.

A police officer named Josman was also killed the next day. Police understand he was killed in a car crash on him. The police concluded that the killings were interrelated and called them ‘basket killings’. The case was handed over to DySP Satyadas, who is a corrupt policeman and hates C.B.I, especially Iyer. But IGKC is against handing over the case to Satyadas on the grounds that Unnithan is corrupt.

He shares these with the state police chief, but he rejects Unnithan’s request and asks him to wait. Satyadas finally concludes that he has a connection with a man named Sam, a sand smuggler, in Josmon’s murder. In the past, Josmon had seized a number of trucks loaded with illegally mined sand belonging to Sam, and Satyadas believes that Sam killed Josman in retaliation. On suspicion, he detains Sama. Meanwhile, Josmon’s family filed a petition in the court seeking to have the case handed over to the CBI. The case was filed by Satyadas’ wife Adv. Pratibha. Knowing this, Satyadas confronts his wife, for which he says he filed the petition on suspicion that he was trying to help save his friend who has a history like Sam with Josmon.

The case was then handed over to the CBI, which summoned Iyer to the CBI office in Kerala by the Kerala government and his associates. First, Iyer reveals that Abdul Samad and the Prime Minister came to meet him to talk about a matter. Samad’s cousin, a young man named Mansoor, joined the militant group a few years ago. Therefore, the CBI has come to know that the first person had nothing to do with Samad’s death. At Iyer’s urging, they collected CCTV footage from the Delhi airport but found nothing suspicious.

They then focus on Sam and after a series of events Adv. Pratibha and Sam are acquaintances. They interrogate her and she proves she has nothing to do with the murders. One day, while in custody, Sam, who had previously escaped from the hospital, was found dead in a remote area. Although the CBI suspects that his death was also a homicide, the forensic report revealed that his death was caused by a heart attack. They then decide to search Basuran’s house and interrogate his friend. They have found evidence that he may be the killer

Mansour and Iyer and his team suspect that Samad is related to the same Mansour. They had previously heard the name from the wife of the murdered doctor and her driver. During the search, Vinay found a portrait similar to that of a person in the Delhi airport CCTV footage. They learned that his name was Sandeep and that he was currently in contact with a retiree.

DySp Vikram, an honest CBI officer, tried to kill himself by crashing into the vehicle. Sandeep was also on the CBI’s list of suspects in the attempted murder of Vikram, who is now unable to walk or speak. Iyer and his team with DySp Sacco, a long time friend of Iyer and Vikram. Iyer learns from Vikram that Sandeep is not his real name and that his name is Paul Myjotheep and his pen name to write in a science magazine.

During interrogation Iyer obtained a Pendrive hidden from his neck hidden inside a pendant-shaped frame, which he became angry at when asked about it, in return Iyer slapped him, and he became violent when he saw this. To inspect the Pendrive. They have found many designs for pacemakers and tips describing how to hack pacemakers. When they ask Paul about it, he tells his friend Dr. Venu (the same doctor who was killed) to prove that one person can hack the pacemaker fitted to another person and he tells the crazy ones. Mayjo was allowed to leave until further notice.

After this, Satyadas comes to Iyer to share with him an incident he had experienced the day before. As Satyadas was driving the car, he had to go through the place where Josmon was killed in front of Sam’s guest house. But as he was driving, he saw lights coming out of the unoccupied house. Iyer decides to investigate and finds out that there is actually someone there. And that there would be a murder, the deceased was the late Doctor.

He learned that Venu’s patient was Susan George, the wife of the famous physician Dr. George Abraham. It has been revealed that he used a pacemaker. Before the CBI breaks into the house to save her, the disguised Meijo looks at her. Mayjo escapes and Iyer is there to question Susan. Susan is actually nicknamed Ambika Mohan, the wife of I.G KC Unnithan IPS. It has been revealed that it was Meijo who killed Abdul Samad in the auction of Samin who worked with Unnithan.

Mayjo thought he had hacked Susan’s pacemaker and hacked her pacemaker to death. But Susan was not on the plane and she could not get on it in time. It has been revealed that Unni is the main culprit for all the crimes. He was a severe schizophrenic of his wife and violently abused her, so she decided to leave him. But Unnithan doesn’t like her living peacefully and decides to get rid of her using Sam and Meijo. After Samad’s death, Sam and Maijo decide to kill Dr. Venu because they suspect that Samad is on the same plane as him. They killed Basuran for organizing struggles to find the real killers of Samad’s murder out of fear.

Then comes Josman, who, while jogging, finds Unnithan and Sam each other through the front gates of Sam’s guest house. The next day, Sam is ordered by Unnita to kill Josmon, who kills Josmon and drives his car. Iyer breaks the case and arrests Unnithan. Shortly afterward, Iyer goes to the Central Jail to meet Mayjo, and Mayjo warns him that Iyer is the next target of his assassination. In response, Iyer tells him that he will wait for Mayjo’s release in order to question his involvement in Vikram’s situation and walks away in his classic style.

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CBI 5 The Brain Movie  Movie Cast

  • Mammootty as Sethurama Iyer, S.S.P., C.B.I.
  • Mukesh as Chacko, DySP, C.B.I.
  • Jagathy Sreekumar as Vikram, DySP (Retd.), C.B.I
  • Saikumar as D.Y.S.P. Sathyadas
  • Renji Panicker as Balagopal, DySP, C.B.I.
  • Anoop Menon as I.G.KC Unnithan
  • Soubin Shahir as Paul Meyjo / Mansoor / Sandeep
  • Dileesh Pothan as Chief Minister
  • Asha Sharath as Adv. Prathibha Sathyadas
  • Kaniha as Susan George / Ambika Unnithan
  • Ansiba Hassan as Anitha Varma, S.I., C.B.I.
  • Ramesh Pisharody as Vinay Menon, C.I., C.B.I.
  • Prasanth Alexander as Sudhi Nair, S.I., C.B.I.
  • Malavika Menon as Aparna, I.P.S. Trainee
  • Santhosh Keezhattoor as D.Y.S.P. Babu Raj
  • Sudev Nair as SI Iqbal Hussain
  • Jayakrishnan as CI Josemon
  • Malavika Nair as Josemon’s Wife
  • Swasika as Merlin, Sam’s Wife
  • Prathap Pothen as Dr. George Abraham
  • G. Suresh Kumar as Home Minister Abdul Samad
  • Ravikumar as C.B.I. Director Nakul Sharma
  • Rajkumar Sreekumar as Vikram’s Son
  • Harish Raj as Sam
  • Idavela Babu as Mammen Varghese
  • Arjun Nandhakumar as Anil Thomas
  • Krishna as Doctor
  • Chandunath as Bhasuran, an activist
  • Azeez Nedumangad as Boban (Police Head Constable)
  • Sajipathi as Surendran, A.S.I., Kerala Police
  • Aniyappan as Police Constable
  • Kalabhavan Jinto as Sethurama Iyer’s Driver
  • Maya Vishwanath as Abdul Samad’s Wife
  • Lukman Avaran as Muthukkoya
  • Sminu Sijo as Muthukkoya’s Sister
  • Pradeep Menon as Dr. Venu
  • Sindhu Manu Varma as Dr. Venu’s Wife

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