How Do You Get Hearts In Blox Fruits?

How to Get Hearts in Blox Fruits In the game, Blox Fruits serve as the primary means of dealing damage, along with fighting styles, swords, and weapons. These fruits are various items that can be found scattered across the islands and vast seas of the game world. When consumed, the Blox fruit grants the eater supernatural abilities that cannot be obtained by normal means. To learn more about how to get hearts in Fruit Blox, read the article below.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits are the main source of damage in the game, along with fighting styles, swords and guns. These fruits are unique items scattered across the vast islands and oceans in the game.

Eating Blox fruit grants the user supernatural abilities that cannot be obtained naturally. Each fruit gives its user a unique and different power. Some Blox Fruits have special abilities or tricks that make them immune to certain things, allow them to walk on water, or have negative effects.

How Do You Get Hearts In Blox Fruits?

  • “Hearts are a material type introduced in the February 24, 2023 Valentine’s Day update event.
  • These materials can be obtained by interacting with NPCs and can be used in the event shop.
  • It should be noted that the chance of getting a heart from an NPC is 40% and the chance of getting it is not always affected by the level of the NPC.”
  • You can get hearts by defeating NPCs that are roughly the same level as the player. The number of hearts dropped by NPCs can be increased by using friend boosts.

How To Obtain Blox Fruits?

Here are several ways to get fruit in the game Blox Fruits:

  • Causes the most damage in Factory Raid.
  • Successfully defended Castle on the Sea from the pirate NPC and dealt the final blow to Tanky Enemy.
  • Defeats ship attacks that have a relatively low chance of randomly dropping fruit. This is one of the ocean events that can happen in the game.
  • Buy fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Blox Fruit Gacha. The cost of the fruit in Blox Fruit Gacha is determined by the player’s level.
  • Buying a kilogram of physical fruit from Wenlock costs 97 Robux.
  • Occasionally find random fruit under trees all over the map. However, it is not recommended to go looking for fruit without the Fruit Notifier gamepass as finding fruit is purely based on luck and may disappear before you can get it.

How Many Blox Fruits Are There?

There are five different Blox fruit rarities in the game, which serve as an indication of their price and the likelihood of their appearance. The different rarities include Common, which is the cheapest and most likely to occur, Rare, which is also affordable, Rare, which is mid-priced, Legendary, which is expensive, and Mythical, which is very expensive and less likely to occur.

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