How to get free traffic with Google SEO

Having a website alone is not enough. It’s not enough to just have a website. There must be someone browsing the site. What do you do to get a lot of website traffic?

SEO is the most effective approach to attracting visitors to your website and increasing the chances of shoppers finding your store through online searches. So, let’s take a look at some free ways to increase your website’s ranking in Google search.

Introduce yourself as a customer and choose the keywords people are searching for

Getting your website seen by users is very important to rank #1 on Google. Think about it: If you wanted to go to a restaurant, what would you do on Google? It could be [search area] + restaurant, or someone looking for something specific. One of the menus for example. This is a great time to incorporate this phrase into your site and menu names, e.g. B. Delicious Porridge + [Search Area] or Breakfast Recommendation + [Search Area].

In addition to a Google search, some people are used to opening a map to see nearby restaurants. It is, therefore, necessary to expand store promotion channels through popular programs such as Google Maps, especially for foreign tourists who are looking for stores that Google recommends and are more interested in than regular retailers. This app does not rate this. For more information on bringing your restaurant to the top of Google Maps.

The website should display well on mobile devices

According to the survey, more than the world’s population is increasingly using mobile phones to access social media. Therefore, if your website only works or works fine on your desktop or laptop, it may be harmful or ignored by other people who rely on their phones to access information.

By creating responsive websites, i.e. websites that look the same on all devices. Cell phones, tablets and computers are examples. It is best to start with the basics:

Make your website as simple and easy as possible, as the included features may not work on all devices.
Start by developing a device that is as simple as possible. Here you can see your phone. Because if it is designed to be essential for desktop use, it looks too big on mobile and causes problems for mobile users.
Test the website on different devices. If the size is right, it is best to solve it first and then collect and fix any errors.

Update content regularly to add freshness to the site

Search engines like Google prefer websites that are “fresh” or updated regularly. More search engines will visit your site if it is updated frequently with new content such as articles, downloads, and updated web pages. When a robot collects data and notices that your website has never been updated, you will be penalized. The system will visit your site less and less, but if it is constantly updated with new information, it will continue. The system regularly collects data to confirm that up-to-date information is being displayed in search results.

Speed ​​up your search with Google My Business

Internet users are often forced to search for information quickly. Many people are not interested in the small details. It’s also good that Google offers a mechanism for adding specific information to its Google search pages, such as: B. Address and phone number.

These details can be set in Google My Business to support the store. And local businesses by entering information about your restaurant into Google’s database when users search for information about your restaurant. Without going to the website page, the information is directly placed in Google Search and Google Maps.

Build links and increase clicks

Search engines want relevant links to information on your site. Links to other websites and links from other websites to yours for internal links. It would be better if you make an effort to include a link in each article so that it can be linked in one click. You can also include a link to your restaurant menu on the campaign details page. This technique can also be used to create links to other websites. Look for words in your content that can be used to link to other important websites.

After all, they are an important approach to improve the ranking of your website or even Google homepage. Not much cost or investment is included. Suppose you can use this feature to make your store stand out online and get more customers through search. This is an important selling factor that can increase your restaurant’s image as well as sales.

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