Lottery Myths of India Demystified

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Millions of people worldwide bet on various lotteries regularly. Even people with no interest in casino games will often risk the small price of the lottery for the chance of becoming an instant millionaire.

India is unique when it comes to lotteries. In India, whether a local lottery is offered is left up to the State. Therefore, lotteries are legal in select areas and not offered in others. However, there are licensed and regulated internet sites that (legally) provide International Lotteries. On these sites, Indian citizens can play their favorite games, like Satta Matka, and see Satta Matka live results from their electronic devices or smartphone app.

India has strict laws against gambling in the country. These laws have developed over hundreds of years. Understandably, people are often confused about playing games of chance. Myths have taken root in the minds of some people. We are here to demystify these myths.

Myths of India about lotteries

1. Nobody ever really wins these lotteries in India!

This is not true; many Indians have won millions betting on the lottery. Winning online is one way to win; others include betting in States that allow lotteries or betting while traveling. The beauty of online lottery play is you can access the site from wherever you are, and it doesn’t matter where you live. Here are a few Indians who have become rich with lotteries.

  • Partho Mondal of West Bengal won ₹5,286,953.34 playing the Malamaal Daily lottery online with industry leader Lottoland. Mondal won with the numbers 03, 05, 14, 30, and 31.
  • K. Mohammad Basheer of Kerala won Rs 6.66 crores at the Dubai Duty-Free lottery.
  • Sandeep Singh was 22 years old and living in the United States. Singh won $61 million (455.5 crores!) with a Mega Millions lottery ticket. Mega Millions is an International lottery that can be played at quality online sites in India. This is possible because you are betting on the lottery results and paid by the insured offshore company.
  • Krisha Barri is an Indian-American who won $14.5 million (108.3 Crore) in 2018. He spent part of his winnings to educate 100 underprivileged and poor children in India. He also set up a trust in the name of his deceased brother-in-law, who had contributed financially to his personal education.

This is not a complete list of Indian winners. This small example shows that Indians can win lotteries from every avenue available, including online sites.

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2. The computers are designed to make you lose.

This myth is false. Online lottery sites spend a lot of money attracting new customers and take every step to ensure customers return. A customer who never wins does not return. Further, with today’s technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tracks every move made in a game. Why is this important? Because online vendors are regularly audited by regulators of the countries where they operate. It is true that the odds of winning are small. There are millions of players, and they all cannot win. But, the odds are clearly stated on the lottery site. Some lotteries have better odds than others.  They must be able to prove that every customer has an equal chance of winning.

3. There are tips that make you win!

There is never a guarantee. Hints and tips are usually posted to help you improve your odds. For example, many people use dates that are important to them as their “lucky numbers,” so your odds are a bit better if you select a number over 31 as there are no months with more than 31 days. Other tips include not using consecutive numbers and joining a syndicate to bet with. One in every five wins goes to syndicates.


You will find many books and videos from people who are former winners and claim to have the secret to lottery success. These methods are not proven facts. Yes, some numbers are pulled more often than others, but they are random. You do not know when or if your numbers will hit. The draw of the lottery is that you have the same chance as anyone to become a winner.

The best advice anyone can give you is to play more for more chances to win.

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Don’t let outdated methods of playing the lottery and myths keep you from enjoying the games. Online casinos and lotteries are legal in India and millions of people enjoy them every day. Be sure you use a repeatable site that has the proper licenses and insurance. Visit their corporate page.

The information you need should be clear. A Google search will give you a lot of information. Indians can play lotteries from around the world and they can win. If you have not tried this, you should. You may be surprised how easy and fun this form of entertainment is. Login for a free account and try it today.

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