Online Betting Industry in Bangladesh | How to Start Betting in Bangladesh?

Description: Bangladesh is having a great time considering the online betting industry. Now, you can choose from thousands of safe and reliable betting companies and start your betting adventure. In this review, we will try to look deeper into the online betting and gambling market in Bangladesh and give you a guideline on how to start betting in Bangladesh!

Online Betting in Bangladesh – What You Need to Know First 

Before starting your online betting journey in Bangladesh – there are a few things to know. Unfortunately, you can’t play in the land-based betting exchanges and casinos in Bangladesh since the country has several restrictions that are taking root since the 19th century. But the good thing is that you can always play online in Bangladesh. 

There are no restrictions on betting and gambling online here. But to make wagers safely – you always need to check if the online bet site in Bangladesh holds a Curacao or Malta license. These international licenses can guarantee that your money and personal data are safe. In this review, we will show you the prospects of online betting in Bangladesh, look at some of the most popular sports there and give you a detailed guideline on how to start your gambling and betting ways! Keep reading to learn more. 

The Most Popular Sports in Bangladesh

The key factor of sports betting development in Bangladesh is the demand of sports in the country. There are several sports that Bangladeshi people are crazy about. Here, you will find such familiar sports as football or cricket but also much less popular sports and esports like CS:GO, field hockey, etc. Let’s look closer at some of the most popular sports in Bangladesh and see what you can bet on there! Keep reading to learn more. 


Cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh like in India. We must highlight 2 leagues that are very popular in the country: Indian Pro League (IPL) and National Cricket League (NCL). You might be wondering why the Indian league is that popular in Bangladesh. But it is even worth saying that IPL is more popular than NCL since one of the best teams is playing there. Here, you can bet on such world-famous teams like Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Gujarat Titans, Kolkata Knight Riders, Lucknow Super Giants, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, etc. 

Bangladeshi league is also quite widespread in BD. Almost all betting companies have very wide lines and a huge number of different bets on IPL and NCL events. Among the top NCL teams, we can mention Chittagong Division, Dhaka Division, Rangpur Division, Sylhet Division, etc.


Kabaddi is a contact team sport. Played between two teams of seven players, the objective of the game is for a single player on offense, referred to as a “raider”, to run into the opposing team’s half of the court, touch out as many of their players and return to their own half of the court, all without being tackled by the defenders in 30 seconds. In Bangladesh kabaddi is known by a different name – Ha-du-du. But the rules of the game are the same. Millions of Bangladeshi people fall in love with this game and want to hit up the interest before regular matches. Bangladeshi national kabaddi team is also one of the strongest in Asia which PR this sport even more!


Football is the most popular sport in the world. Over 4 million people are watching this sport every year. Unfortunately, football is not that developed in Bangladesh and Asia. But there are still thousands of thousands of fans here that are watching the world’s most popular leagues and events like World CUP, Champions League, EURO, COPA America, etc. Bangladeshi people are often cheering for Brazil and Argentina. Everyone knows what football is, and what are the most popular teams and events to bet on. That is why many betting companies are making a huge accent on football and are trying to invent as many football events and bets as possible. 

How to Start Betting Online in Bangladesh

Now, that you know the most popular sports in Bangladesh, we can try to help you start your betting way online. There is nothing very hard about it, you just need to remember a few things while choosing a betting site in Bangladesh. We have compiled a few essential factors. We would recommend you pay bigger attention to these factors: 

  • Safety. Safety is the first thing you need to pay attention to when we talk about online betting in Bangladesh. But some of you may wonder how to make it properly, and how to check if the betting site is safe and reliable. Well, there are a few ways you can use it. The first and most important option is to check international and local licenses. For example, most of the trusted betting sites have Curacao or Malta licenses. Also, in some countries, there are local licenses that regulate the operation of betting sites. However, in Bangladesh, there are only international licenses you can rely on. the second way is to look for trusted and unbiased reviews on the internet. Check the review from real customers and see if you can trust the betting site or not. And last but not least way you may utilize it to check the partners of the betting company. If the company has numerous world-known licenses – you can definitely trust the site. But if not – it is a thing to consider. 
  • Payment methods. When it comes to payment methods it is essential to have BDT ones. Why? Because if there is no such option – you will have to pay extra fees to convert your money. That is why always check if the company has Bangladeshi taka payment methods that will let you deposit your money with less hassle. 
  • Design. Yes, it is a very personal thing to worry about. It is hard to say that one design is better than another. Some people like minimalism, while others prefer better animation. But the absence of flashing ads and bright noisy banners is always an advantage. Also, the navigation should be user-friendly. It means that you will easily find a way to place a bet, play some online casino, etc. 
  • Languages and currencies available. If you are only speaking the Bengali language – you won’t be able to play on English-language betting sites. that is why make a small research and see if the betting site has it. Keep in mind that you won’t have to register a new betting account to check it. Just visit the official betting site and see what are the available options. Worth mentioning that English is available at EVERY betting and gambling site. So, if you learned this language at school at least – that is enough to understand everything on the betting website. 
  • Mobile App. Many players don’t have an opportunity to play from a PC or a laptop. In this case, the only way to make bets is to use your mobile device (land-based casinos and betting exchanges are prohibited). Of course, you may play from the mobile version of websites but to have the highest level betting experience – you need to have an option of downloading the app. Most websites have such an option but it’s better to check everything yourself. The design and navigation of mobile apps are also a thing to consider. 
  • Customer support service. Even if the betting site has the best possible navigation – you can’t say that there will not be any issues or questions about the operation of the website or the payment process. That is why customer support service is such important when we talk about betting sites. Many international games may take place during the night, so check if the site has a 24/7 customer support service. You may also try and test the system yourself by asking ordinary questions and seeing how much time it will take to respond to your problem. 


To sum up everything that has been already said, we can say that the online betting and gambling industry is strongly developed in the country. In fact, it is the only way to spend your pastime with joy and hit up the interest before the most popular and famous events. You can’t go to land-based casinos or betting companies since it is restricted by Bangladeshi law. However, you can always do it online with less hassle. All in all, we would recommend you to play from the numerous Bangladeshi website at any taste. 


Is it legal to bet and gamble online in Bangladesh?

yes, it is completely legal to register a new betting account in Bangladesh and start betting or gambling. the only illegal thing is to do it offline. But with the development of new technologies – that is not a problem!


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