What is eBook And How to make your eBook?

So books are read only then but do you know what is eBook? (What is eBook). Friends, in today’s era of technology, this world is changing very fast, friends, there was a time when earlier people used to read and write on walls and leaves, after that gradually paper was invented and books were written on paper.

What is eBook

But these people started finding it difficult to move the paper here and there, then you must have known that how much comfort a person needs and to overcome this problem, he thought of making something new, due to which today you You can easily read these books in your mobile phone or computer and can take them anywhere anytime, for this you will not need any bag and today I will tell you about these books which are called eBook.

So if you want to know what is eBook? how to use it? What are the advantages of eBook? If you will get more information related to eBook, then today’s post will be very beneficial for you, in this post I will give you all the information related to eBook, so friends, without any delay, first of all know what is eBook?

What is eBook?

So friends eBook is also a kind of book but it is not a book written on pages like normal books but it is an electronic book, which is also known as eBook. If I explain to you in simple language, then such a book to say that you can read through electronic devices is called eBook. You can read eBook with the help of computer, tablet, smartphone etc.

Friends, by looking at the photo above, you can understand how eBook is. It also looks like a normal book which contains text and image.

Friends, some people do not understand by looking at eBook and PDF whether there is any difference between these two or not, just PDF is the format of eBook, they have some formats like PDF, image, file. Like books have authors, eBooks also have authors. What you read in an eBook is also written by someone.

How to make eBook? How to create eBook

Friends, now the thing is that how to make your eBook, then you can follow some of the steps given by us and make your eBook sitting at home.

Research about your target audience, then for whomever you want to make an eBook, first get complete information about them, what is their language, their age, their biography? In which sport he is interested, what he eats, which is his favorite sport, you have to extract complete details about him.

Because they have to read eBook too, if eBook is not meant for them, then they will not read your young man. So first of all you have to research about the audience and at the same time you should have a good editing program so that you can increase the sales of your eBook by creating an attractive book cover.

Now you have prepared the eBook, then definitely read it once by yourself, after that give the eBook to your friends to read and if there is any deficiency in it, then definitely improve it. You must use graphics, images in the eBook so that your readers It should be easier to understand and definitely put cover art in eBook.

Now upload your eBook wherever you want to sell, if you want to sell your eBook on your website to your readers, then upload this eBook to your website. And in the last you start promoting your eBook because the more people read your eBook, the more chances are that your eBook will start selling.

Disadvantages of eBook

Friends, now it is obvious that if you want to make an eBook, then there will be some disadvantages too, so let me tell you about some disadvantages: –


If you want to read e-books, then you need to know that e-books are very costly. You also get many physical book books for free but you will get eBooks very costly. So this is the biggest disadvantage that we get to see very high price for buying any eBook.

Eyes Pain

Friends, you can easily read physical books for many hours, but reading a book from any electronic device becomes very difficult because it puts a lot of stress on your eyes, this is not a good sign. As far as health issues are concerned, reading physical books does not harm the eyes. But if you read books from an electronic device, then problems like eye pain are likely to last for a long time.

Lost issue

Friends, if you have bought a lot of eBooks and kept them in your computer or smartphone and unfortunately a virus comes in your computer, then not only the data of your computer but also all the e-books you have bought in your computer. You will have to lose all that you have stored and another disadvantage is that if you accidentally delete the eBook folder while deleting another folder, then you can lose the eBooks.

What will be the future of eBook? Future of eBook

Friends, if we talk about our country, then the number of internet users is increasing very fast here, the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, in such a situation reading and sharing eBook of people would be very fun. going. People keep using eBook while traveling far and wide.

One special thing that has happened with the advent of eBook is its portability, users of its arrival can take millions of eBooks anywhere and the trend of eBook is going on very fast in the world and the number of its users is very fast. It is increasing with, and in the coming time the number of its users will be very high.

What is the difference between eBook and Normal Book?

Friends, first of all, it is important to understand that many printed books are heavy, so they occupy a lot of space and it becomes even more difficult to carry those books from one place to another. But, on the other hand, when it comes to eBooks, you can move millions of eBooks at once from one place to another.

The cost of e-books is very low as compared to the normal book because here the publishing manufacturing does not have to use much hand use material to make the e-book and compared to the normal book, the eBook never deteriorates nor may explode at any time. Friends, as well as the privacy of the eBook is also there, whatever eBook you open on your smartphone, the other person does not know it.

To maintain the privacy of your eBook, you can also put a password in it so that no one other than you can read your eBook. And if we talk about printed book, any person can read it.

Creating an eBook is not a very difficult task, but nowadays there are many types of software, online, offline tools, with the help of which you can prepare eBook. You can learn to make eBook by giving some of your time. The very important thing for eBook is the content, what do you want to write on, what do you want to write about, do you want to write about business, etc. You have to do the planning beforehand.

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